What Job Are You Hiring Yourself To Do?

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Consider the last product you bought. What job were you hiring it to do for you?

If you bought a dustbin/trashcan you hired it to sit there and be a secure place for your waste. When it’s doing the job properly, it’s a secure container for waste, has a lid that keeps smells to a minimum and lasts for a number of years. It’s supposed to withstand a fair amount of rough handling and be the right size for your family. You make a swift mental calculation of the price you are willing to pay for this and you go ahead and hire the product to do it for you.

When you struggle to be clear about what you want it’s worth thinking about it in a similar way.

If you are going to hire yourself to do something for you in the future, what exactly is the job you want doing?

What job would you like to hire yourself to do?

You may hire yourself to increase the amount of joy and satisfaction in your work.

You may hire yourself to monitor your food and drink so that you eat to bless rather than eating to harm.

You may hire yourself as a goad so you move a bit more and reshape your body.

You may hire yourself to lead the way towards…

You may hire yourself to be a bit nicer to everyone around you.

Your turn:

I’m hiring myself to…

The job I want me to do for me is …

I’m willing to pay myself … (to do the job properly).

Perhaps thinking about it this way will allow you to be clear about what you want and start working on your own behalf.

(HT to Horace Dediu at Asymco for sparking this idea)

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