12 Rules For Knowing What You Want

A Quick Start Guide:

  1. Play with starting small – make it a daily habit to have an outcome for all the small things in your life.
  2. Watch with amusement as your moods go by and practice asking ‘what do I want?’ instead of ‘how do I feel?’.
  3. List your bugs and see how many you can squash.
  4. Dwell on what you don’t want and then playfully ask ‘What do I want instead?’.
  5. Chop big wishes into chunks. Keep chopping until they are bite size. One mouthful at a time.
  6. Notice what you are naturally good at – the things that amaze you when others can’t do them as easily as you. You might have found a talent.
  7. Score everything. Use scales. Make up an ideal wheel of life and pin it to your wall.
  8. Sweep the decks so inspiration can land. Remember she’s a flighty creature who does not want to soil the hem of her skirt. Make room for her.
  9. Learn to live now. Make the most of this weekend. Set out to play with all the things, people, places and contribution that you want.
  10. Stop thinking, and come to your senses. What do they tell you? Spend a day or two satisfying each of them with the most sensual thing you can find.
  11. Understand what drives you so that you can say ‘What’s important to me about…is …’.
  12. Play with what makes you joyful or has brought you joy in the past. The surest direction for your future is to follow your joy.

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