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Actually, not any more. I’ve done away with the mailing list and now you can contact me direct on andrew [at] lighthouse [no space here] 365 [dot] com.

BUT… I get so much spam on this address that I won’t see your email at first. First,  a robot will send a reply asking if it is really you?

All you have to do is click a link in the robot reply and THEN I will see your email.

Sorry about the hassle. The internet is a magical space but there is a lot of junk floating around in it.

Once you get through, I read everything sent to this address.

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If you would like to customise First, Know What You Want as an internal training aid or corporate gift then cover and inner customisation options (at no extra cost) are available for orders of 100 books or more. This will include a minimum 35% discount (or more depending on order size) and is subject to our standard retail terms and conditions. Ask.