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“This book came to me at the right time when I’ve finally committed myself to an area of focus, yet there were still lots of loose ends from a lifetime of not being sure. This book completely tied them up and gave me the boost and tools I needed to move forward with confidence and clarity.

It is practical, honest, clear, and the summaries really compound the learning and are really useful for referring back to.”

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“Practical and easy to read & implement, this book takes a pragmatic approach to helping you work out what you want and how to get it.”

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First, Know What You Want at Amazon

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(Psst: If you are smart enough to be reading down here then you deserve a bit of inside information. The most popular combination for people who buy my book is the Kindle Edition plus the free First Know Journal. The Kindle Edition is a great price and very portable. And you can print as many copies of your free Journal as you like to complete the experiments on paper.)