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Can you use this stuff to help someone?

This website attracts two groups of people. The first are those looking for direct practical help to figure out what they really want. And the second are the people who work with the first group and are looking to pick up ideas.

Perhaps you are a coach either professionally or as part of something else you do. You may be a manager or concerned parent. Or you might just be curious about helping others get clear on what they really want.

If this is you, welcome, and here’s some suggestions for using the material.

Buy the book (!)

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Order Now:

Join the list to get your free Journal. Use that form top right to join. Takes seconds. The Journal is a 40 page workbook with a repeat of all the exercises from the book but a lot more room for your own notes and insights.

Do all the tasks and exercises. If you are going to help people with this stuff you’ll get the most insight from doing it yourself. Some things you will like and others you may not. Try them all because you never know which approach might help a client, friend or child.

Search for “More”. I’m adding extra material, links and references to this blog as fast as I can. Click on the category “More” to see all this stuff in one place.

Ask questions. Comment here or Post a question to the Facebook page or send one to me direct at [andrew] at [lighthouse365 dot com]. I’d love to hear from you.

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