Three Reasons We Don’t Know

John walked across to the whiteboard in Mike’s office.

“I think there are three main reasons why we struggle to figure out what we really want and here they are:”

  • We lack practice
  • We’ve got our focus in the wrong direction
  • We’re scared and overwhelmed by all the choices

“There is some good news though; it can be done. Despite these reasons, it is possible to figure out what you want. And it’s possible to find the motivation to go and get whatever it is.”

“What do you mean by lack of practice?” asked Mike.

John tapped the list with his pen. “I’ll go through them in detail at our next meeting but before that, there is something else.”

“Oh yeah?” said Mike “What’s that?”

“It’s this. Before you can start to figure out what you really want, you have to do something else. There is a decision you need to make before you can make all the other decisions. Let’s take a look at…”

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