Two quick tips for unpleasant jobs


This’ll only take 30 seconds.

I really love doing this.

January can be a drag and somehow all those irritating jobs which come with living seem worse in the grey cold. So here’s a couple of things you can try because sometimes a spoonful of sugar does make the medicine go down.

Have you ever put off a job – piles of washing up, clearing garden rubbish, vacuuming the car – only to surprise yourself how quick it was, once you started? You know, the jobs where if you’d just got on with it instead of agonising about it, it would be done in half the time?

Try this. Next time you look askance at the washing up pile, say firmly to yourself (or even out loud) It only takes 30 seconds to wash these up. or This’ll only take 30 seconds. Try it. You might surprise yourself.

Of course I know it takes more than 30 seconds but not much more if you plunge in and get on with it. Somehow the reassurance of a quick task makes it easier to plunge in.

And for added sparkle – I love doing this.

Scenario 1 – there you are, bent over the toilet with a brush. Your mouth is grim, your shoulders tight. Your internal dialogue grumbling away in a diatribe about crappy jobs, the cold and the fact that someone else in your house should be doing this. Not pretty is it?

Scenario 2 – there you are, brush in hand, saying to yourself This only takes 30 seconds and scrubbing away, I love doing this. For added benefit you can even smile.

Those jobs will be over in a trice.

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