I Really Did Mean ‘Senses’ Not ‘Emotions’

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Here’s my reply to a question on Lateral Action back in March about one of the techniques in the book. I’ve had a recent set of questions about it again so I thought it was worth re-posting.

(BTW – you can also read the original article in full – How To Tackle The Goal Setting Problem Nobody Talks About)

Hi xxx – I know you’ve had a lot of good advice already but I wanted to highlight one thing about the experiment with your senses. It’s one of twelve experiments in the book to help you figure out what you want (get the free PDF) and some of those involve thinking and emotions but NOT this one. I really do mean senses, not emotions. When we spend a lot of time in our heads we sometimes miss information available elsewhere. If over-thinking isn’t working then you can Stop Thinking and Come To Your Senses, literally.

What are your favourite smells? How could you smell more of them, more often? What would your hands like to do? (Clue: They really want to build something). What kind of aural world have you built for yourself – traffic noise, angry voices from TV? What would you like to hear instead? Laughter? Touch the desk where you work – do you really like that surface? What would you prefer to touch? How and where would you prefer to be touched more? By who?

It’s pretty hard to straighten out your results if you ignore or numb out the basic things that could bring you pleasure. Recognising what they are and taking a few small steps to delight your senses is part of teaching yourself to know and work on what you most want. They are not a guarantee of success but recognising what your senses like and then doing it makes it easier to find and calibrate your inner compass.

Simply putting a few green plants on your desk could be all it takes to start. No form filling. Stop thinking and come to your senses.

You’ll notice that a lot of people who like this approach have commented here. Have no fear though. If this does not work for you, there are eleven other experiments to try. (and none of it is compulsory )


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