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What does seem to matter is two things:

The first is clarifying your desire – getting really clear and honest with yourself about what it is that you’d most love to happen, even if you don’t think that it can or will happen and even if you think you’re a terrible, silly person for wanting it.

The second is spotting opportunities as they arise and stepping into them by taking action. (See my recent tip on “Event-Action” for more on this.) The best thing about opportunity is that it is not, contrary to popular mythology, a one-off event. In fact, when you get really clear about what you want, opportunity knocks so hard and so often it has bloody knuckles.

A good summary of a useful way to think about being ready to want what you want and make it happen:

…you want what you want, whether or not you think you should want it and whether or not you think you can have it. Authentic desire is, well, authentic – it comes from somewhere deep inside us.

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